Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Speaking Truth to Empire (August Edition)

Dan Yaseen interviews John Whitehead about “Police State America” on Speaking Truth to Empire on KFCF 88.1 Free Speech Radio for Central California. John is an attorney and author who has written, debated and practiced widely in the area of constitutional law and human rights. He is the founder of The Rutherford Institute, a nonprofit civil liberties and human rights organization.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Cindy Sheehan on Khizr Khan, Clinton’s hawkishness, and why she votes third party (Originally in Salon)

Cindy Sheehan on Khizr Khan, Clinton's hawkishness, and why she votes third partyCindy Sheehan protests outside the White House, Sept. 26, 2005. (Credit: AP/Ron Edmonds)

“The past eight years have been very lonely. There has not been much activism against the wars at all,” Cindy Sheehan lamented.

“Obama has continued to expand George Bush’s war of terror against the world, and there has been very little opposition to it,” she added.

More than 12 years ago, Sheehan’s son, a soldier in the U.S. Army, was killed in Iraq. The tragic loss transformed her. She was politicized, and plunged into anti-war activism. Sheehan soon became one of the most vociferous critics of then-President George W. Bush.

She still remains a committed activist today. Sheehan has been arrested numerous times for her activism, and for seven years, she has run the weekly podcast “Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox,” which she describes as a “revolutionary talk show.”

Salon spoke with Sheehan to discuss the recent controversy with Donald Trump and Khizr Khan, the 2016 presidential election and the ongoing wars waged by the U.S.
In the interview, Sheehan condemned Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the two-party system and the corporate media. She also spoke about her work with independent left-wing third parties.


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Trump's America (SOAPBOX PODCAST 8/28/16)

AUGUST 28, 2016


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"2016 continues to be the most surreal and unpredictable election year in recent memory and this is due in large part to one Donald J. Trump and the millions of Americans who made him this year's Republican nominee for president. As Trump continues to succeed despite behavior that would cripple any other politician, whether it is questioning the patriotism of the Gold Star Khan family or banishing a baby from one of his press conferences, it is imperative to understand why so many continue to support him. And this is what makes The Gilded Rage so important; it provides insight into the forgotten Americans that continue to befuddle pundits and "experts" on CNN and FOX alike."


Cancer Ramblings by Cindy Sheehan

Cancer Ramblings 
by Cindy Sheehan

Cancer is normal, yet abnormal.

Who knows, we may all have cancer cells in us just waiting for a catalyst like the environment or smoking. What's that some of you may say? Smoking doesn't cause cancer? No, you're right, it's completely healthy to put hundreds of chemicals and poisons in your body every time you take a drag...

When I was young, cancer was CANCER and only a handful of 
the grandparents of my schoolmates were afflicted, mostly Old People (probably my current age). Now? Soon CANCER will be the number one killer here in the toxic USofA.

In 1971 during the treacherous and violent war against the people of Vietnam, Nixon declared a "War on Cancer" and despite (because) billions have been spent looking for a cure, we have more cancer. A War on Terror, means more terror. A War on Drugs, means more drugs. A War on Poverty means more poverty, so, maybe the US establishment should declare Wars on Peace or Prosperity for all? How about a War on Jobs?

For me, CANCER grew in and on my sister's breast looking like
diseased, inflamed, red and purple ping pong balls--it looks like 100 pounds lost and a wild head full of curly hair shorn on my kitchen floor and/or left in drains or on her pillow.

Cancer looked like rotten meat hanging off a once healthy and full breast. Cancer makes me sick to my stomach and sick in my soul.

Cancer says: "You fucked up, or you were fucked by radiation or other environmental toxins that invade and infest our lives."

Cancer doesn't even care if you live an exemplary life: no smoking, active, healthy foods, healthy weight--if cancer wants you cancer will get you. Cancer will find the one chink in your army and exploit it to grow like diseased kudzu. 

Cancer is my Zodiac sign, cancer is a crab that is deadly and tenacious. It spreads like cancer.
Cancer is capitalism; cancer is war; cancer is petroleum; cancer is nuclear bomb tests and "cheap" power; cancer is pesticides and junk food; cancer is smoking and drinking and living an unrepentant life of excess. Cancer is exhausting days and sleepless nights, and even the "cure" is cancer.

Cancer is stress; cancer is endless doctor's appointments and hospital visits and "health" care professionals that push more poison than any druglord could ever dream of. Cancer is being forced to drive a carcinogenic car and buying putrid petroleum which goes against everything I believe in.

To me, cancer is tears, stress, resentment, failure, and hope for health--and selfishly, not even for everybody, but for one person: my sister.

 Cancer is my enemy and I feel like cancer is beating the crap out of me, even though I don't have it.

Fuck you, cancer.

Monday, August 22, 2016

No Lives Matter (to the M.I.C.) by Cindy Sheehan

Dear Friend,

Last week, Dede's (my sister) cancer journey culminated in a long-awaited mastectomy. Unfortunately, we also discovered that her cancer has spread so the fight is not over by a long shot.

Even though I have had to cancel a few trips to protest because of Dede's cancer, there have not been a lot of opportunities or invitations to raise hell against the Empire. It is very disheartening to be trapped in a continuous election cycle where fear of the other rules the airwaves and good people who used to care about war under a Republican president fade into the wallpaper when a Democrat is CEO of USA Murder, INC.

The bottom-line is that the Democrat nominee is already a devoted war criminal and the Republican nominee attracts scary support but No Lives will Matter (except the lives of the 1%) to whichever one of these two scoundrels "wins" in November.

I feel like the Maytag Antiwar Activist--lonely and discouraged, but never dissuaded from the path of peace.

Peace and solidarity

Cindy Sheehan

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Jovie's Pick: Yoko Ono (Soapbox Podcast 8/21/16)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox
August 21, 2016

I was in Sacramento at UC Davis with my sister Dede all week
(she had a mastectomy) so I asked my six year old granddaughter Jovie
to randomly choose a show to replay.

She chose:


(You can also hear Jovie in the introduction)

Jovie and Me, June 2016

It's a family show, because my daughter Carly recites her

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The "Help-This-Hurt-Child-Photo-Psy-Op by Anthony Freda

An image of a wounded boy is being promoted in the discredited mainstream media together with a tragic story from "activists" in a neighborhood in al-Qaeda occupied east-Aleppo.

According to the state sponsored media, "Russian or Syrian regime airstrikes" are to blame for this act of brutality against an innocent child.
A shell-shocked boy seemingly wounded, sits quietly in a pristine ambulance. At one point he touches a wound on his head. He does not react to that touch.
The two-minute video from which the still picture is taken, shows the boy being handed from the dark above to an "official" person and carried into the ambulance. 
There he mutely sits as the camera rolls in this photo-psy-op.

The mainstream narrative is as follows:
Mahmoud Raslan, a photojournalist who captured the image, told the Associated Press that emergency workers and journalists tried to help the child, identified as 5-year-old Omran Daqneesh, along with his parents and his three siblings, who are 1, 6 and 11 years old.
"We were passing them from one balcony to the other," Raslan said, adding: "We sent the younger children immediately to the ambulance, but the 11-year-old girl waited for her mother to be rescued. Her ankle was pinned beneath the rubble."
An internet search for "Mahmoud Raslan", the claimed "photojournalist", finds no other pictures or videos attributed to that person.

There are currently fifty wars waging across the bloody planet Earth. Children become casualties of war every hour of every day.

Ask yourself why you never see the child victims of U. S. airstrikes, or the bombings of our allies.

When they feature a dead or wounded kid in heavy rotation, there is an agenda. 

Usually, the aim is to stir up the emotions required to manufacture your consent to a new war. 

The parts of yourself that you despise are projected onto a target as your private demons become public enemies and the state can kill with impunity, transforming murder into patriotism.

There probably is no image more effective at tapping into our tribal psyche than a hurt or dying child. How can we help this poor kid? The state has a ready-made answer.

Hundreds of thousands of kids have been killed or wounded by US bombings in this century alone. How many have you seen on the "news"?

Have you seen one photo of the kids killed by US aggression in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, or Somalia appearing in a war-justifying, mainstream newspaper?

In 1972, a shocking photo of a girl who was a victim of a napalm bombing raid on Trang Bang, Vietnam, appeared on the front page of The New York Times.
 The Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph of Kim Phuc by AP photographer Nick Ut proved to be very effective in exposing the true horror and immorality of the Vietnam War and helped turn public sentiment against US aggression in the country.
Would such a picture make its way to this powerful platform in today's landscape of state and corporate sponsored media?

(Remember, The New York Times helped promote the lies that took us to war in Iraq.)
Publishing such emotionally charged, shocking images can be used to help end a war, but much more frequently, they are used to demonize an enemy and provide pretexts for a new war on "humanitarian" grounds.
We never see the results of US-inflicted carnage, because a major function of the war-promoting media is to remove all guilt and moral responsibility for our country's actions and affix blame and evil elsewhere.
The excuse for putting these visual documents of war into memory holes is often that the images are "too provocative," yet the same media outlets enthusiastically promotes clips of evil-doers doing evil things when it suits their agenda.

When you see dead or wounded kid on the enemy media, 

watch out!

Anthony Freda
It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.
Jiddu Krishnamurti

Friday, August 19, 2016

Cindy Sheehan to receive "Local Hero for Peace" Award from Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center

Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center

Mailing and Events: 55 Eckley Lane Walnut Creek, CA 94596 (925) 933-7850
www.ourpeacecenter.org www.creatingpeacefulschools.weebly.com

August 19, 2016

Dear Ms. Sheehan,

It is a pleasure to inform you that the Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center has chosen to give you its annual “Local Hero for Peace” award. Your work in support of the anti-war movement and social justice is well-known to our membership. We would be honored if you accepted our award and our invitation to address our annual Peace & Justice Awards Dinner scheduled for Saturday, October 22nd.
We realize you may not be aware of the work of the “Peace Center”, so allow me to provide some background.

A small group of folks founded Mt. Diablo Peace Center in 1969 to counsel draft resisters. The Center quickly developed into a focal point in the East Bay where like-minded activists found each other and developed a united voice against the ongoing wars. Educational programs were established, group actions were organized and the first “Peace Gazette” was published.

When our troops returned from Indochina the members understood well that the quest for peace never ends. Knowing that justice is necessary for peace, the Center expanded its focus and changed its name to the “Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center”. Over the years, our attention has broadened to other social and economic justice issues including income inequality and poverty, education, health care, labor conditions, multiculturalism, racism, prison reform and nuclear disarmament. The Center has also been active in environmental justice issues such as climate change. Today the Center has an active membership of approximately 300.

In recent years, to reach out to our local youth, the Center implemented a number of ‘peace and justice’ programs for children of all ages, pre-school through high-school. For over 17 years, students, parents and teachers have had access to thought-provoking programs such as
Dennis Thomas Art and Writing Challenge and Youth and the Military. The latter is a counseling service for young people on national service alternatives to the military.

Presently, our most impactful program is our conference for educators and school administrators entitled Creating a Peaceful School. Now in its 6th year and reaching over 150 registrants, this all-day conference has become an annual event. It features outstanding speakers and workshops led by educators and activists. The purpose of the conference is to provide educators with tools for enhancing peace in the classroom; for building communication and understanding among students; for countering violent incidents and the effects of bullying; and for interrupting the school-to-prison pipeline. Faculty, administrators and students become

empowered to think and act peacefully through their training in conflict resolution and nonviolence techniques.

Conference themes in years past have included Violence in the Schools, Restorative Justice and Multi-Culturalism in the Classroom. The Center developed a dedicated website which explains the program and provides the relevant educational materials, making the materials available to the public at-large. (www.creatingpeacefulschools.weebly.com). Demand for the program has increased each year such that we are now seeking a larger venue. Clearly there is an unmet need that we are addressing county-wide.

The Center continues its dedication to providing an ever-larger community with a voice for peace and social justice. The Center engages, educates and inspires the community with local and internationally recognized speakers, discussion panels, forums and films. We seek to draw attention to the current wars in the Middle East and past wars with, for example, visible memorials such as the Crosses of Lafayette. We seek to bring awareness to injustice in all its forms. We seek to bring awareness to the relationship between climate change, conflict over dwindling resources and the destabilization of economic and social arrangements. And we seek to bring awareness to the fact of income inequality. Politically and socially, our divisions become deeper.

This will be our 8th Peace and Justice Awards Dinner. Our goal in having the event is not only to provide an avenue for fundraising, but also to give recognition and voice to the peacemakers in our community. Past recipients include Angela Davis (professor/political activist), Fania Davis (Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth) Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Lynn MacMichael (peace activist witness to the situation in Palestine), Jeff Heaton (the founder of Crosses of Lafayette), Congressman George Miller, Budd MacKenzie (founder of Trust in Education for Afghani girls), Gayle McLaughlin (former mayor of Richmond), Andrew Lichterman, Esq. (Western States Legal Foundation) and local groups such as Planting Justice (provides sustainable agriculture training and jobs for former prison inmates), Books for the Barrios, Richmond Progressive Alliance and Grandparents for Peace. We would love to include you in our growing list!

The local Unitarian church allows us to use their social hall for this event, and the date they have given us is Saturday, October 22nd. Although it is a fundraiser and a sit-down meal, it is fairly informal and we try to keep costs down for attendees so that more in the community are able to attend. Generally we charge between $60 and $80 per person and provide a sliding scale or free tickets for those who cannot afford it. Our goal is to provide a social but also educational event for our community of members and friends.

We would be honored to have you available to accept our award and speak to us on the topic of your choosing.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. Warm regards,

Margli Auclair, ED
Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center

9/11 Families Start The Accountability Video Project To Pass JASTA, Create A Video Today!!!

My Entry


August 18, 2016

Dear 9/11 Families, Survivors and American Citizens,

As we face the upcoming 15th Anniversary of 9/11 with no accountability for the murder of our loved ones, we desperately need your help.

Please join us in the 9/11 Families' Accountability VIDEO Project and have your voice heard by President Obama and Congress.

Don't let the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continue to get away with their alleged funding of mass murder and terrorist attacks. Let's work together to hold the Saudis accountable in a court of law.

Help us make sure Congress knows how important JASTA, S 2040. Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act is to you and the rest of America. Let them know we want this vital piece of legislation passed NOW.

Please, take a few minutes … grab your smartphone and make a short video (30 seconds to 1 minute) and add YOUR voice!

In the video:

If you are a family member:

1. State your name
2. Tell us who you lost on 9/11
3. Tell us why YOU think it is important to hold the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia accountable for their alleged role in the 9/11 attacks.

If you are a survivor:

1. State your name
2. Briefly describe your story
3. Tell us why YOU think it is important to hold the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia accountable for their alleged role in the 9/11 attacks.

If you are an American Citizen:

1. State your name
2. Briefly describe your 9/11 experience
3. Tell us why YOU think it is important to hold the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia accountable for their alleged role in the 9/11 attacks.

If you are shy, simply state your name and who you lost while holding a photo of your loved one.

You can share YOUR voice in one of 3 ways:

1. UPLOAD your video directly to Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/911-Families-Accountability-Video

2. SEND your video via Drop Box using this link, and we will post it to Facebook for you: https://www.dropbox.com/request/a3AXFsJirBZBh84AI64R (additional directions here: https://www.dropbox.com/help/9091)

3. TEXT your video from your smartphone to september11advocates@gmail.com and we will post it to Facebook for you.

We want our elected officials and leaders to know where we stand when it comes to holding the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia accountable for its alleged role in the murder of our loved ones.

Have YOUR voice heard and let's work together to hold the Saudis accountable in a court of law.

NO ONE should get away with the murder of our loved ones.

Let's make sure they truly NEVER FORGET!

We look forward to including your voice and thank you for participating!

September 11th Advocates
Kristen Breitweiser
Patty Casazza
Monica Gabrielle
Mindy Kleinberg
Lorie Van Auken

To view families', victims' and other citizens' videos, please visit the 9/11 Families' Accountability Video Project, https://www.facebook.com/911-Families-Accountability-Video-Project-1240391742646794/videos

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us at september11advocates@gmail.com